Bespoke Guardians

It shouldn’t be so difficult to find capable, reliable and trustworthy support for children. That’s what we said when we set out to create Bespoke Guardians.


Drawing on our own personal experiences, we established a child support service that ensures rigorous screening and customized matching to provide that absolute top level of service to the children we support. 


With years of collective experience in our industry, we’ve learned how to connect with children and most importantly how to keep them safe.


After years of successfully providing support to the UK’s most challenging and complex children we are one of the most prominent national services. 

About Us

We are a specialist service who supports some of the UK’s most vulnerable.

The mission of Bespoke Guardians is to help children to rediscover their potential and aid them with achieving their goals and aspirations. No matter the placement setting, all children deserve to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. Our role is to repair, enhance and support placements and the individual needs of the child.

Children supported by Bespoke Guardians can expect an individualised tailored made approach to their support. Our staff are trained and experienced in working with vulnerable children and the wide range of complex needs encountered. Bespoke Guardians follow the (DDP) model to aid us when interacting with children. Playfulness, Acceptance, curiosity, and empathy go a long way in forming positive relationships and trust especially with those that have experienced trauma.

We Never Give Up! 
We Stay When Others Don’t!
We Adapt To Their Needs!
We Keep Everyone Safe!
We Provide Stability!
We Provide Continuity!

We are ALWAYS…….

“Doing What Others Won’t” 
Working closely with multi agency teams to ensure that the UK's most complex children get every opportunity at a safe and fulfilling future

Placement Stability

Supporting Placements during times of need, reducing the need to move

Crisis Support

Supporting Children that are at risk of being subject to Care Proceedings

Edge of Care Services

Supporting Children that are at risk of being subject to Care Proceedings

Staffing & Recruitment

We're experts and managing highly urgent staffing requirements

Secure Transportaion

Supporting transitions from placements or places of detention

Training Services

Offering our skills and knowledge to professionals and caregivers across the UK


Working with private and public sector hospitals, prisons and private clients, we’re the experts at managing highly urgent staffing requirements.

Giving Back to the Community

We at Bespoke Guardians believe in giving back to our local communities and in 2021 decided to become Title Sponsors to the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Club.

The Swindon Wildcats are a professional ice hockey team based in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. They play in the National Ice Hockey League.

As part of our sponsorship we recieve a huge range of hospitality events and tickets to games. This means that our Staff, Friends and Family and also children we support can use these events creating an amazing culture within the business allowing a much needed social aspect to our business.

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